How Virtual Only Law Firms Reduce Costs and Advance the Profession

Special guest Patrick Palace discusses the state of the legal profession, the ways Covid has changed expectations, and the benefits of a virtual-only law firm. Patrick is the owner of the Palace law firm, located in Tacoma, Washington. He is also a frequent guest on podcasts through the Legal Talk Network, active in his local bar as well as the American Bar Association, and a respected contributor on topics related to technology and the law. You can learn more about Patrick by visiting his website

This episode gives listeners a peek into a values-driven law firm but also a project BoomX Show host, Darol Tuttle, is launching to reduce legal fees to just $40.00 per month. This project, the BoomX Academy, gives users access to his firm’s drafting app, live meetings weekly, an online community of students, document storage, and more. You can learn more by visiting

Darol Tuttle, Darol

Darol is an experienced estate planning and asset protection attorney. Since 1996, he has helped clients and their families plan for retirement, strategize long-term care financing, and avoid unnecessary loss of family wealth due to tax, family mismanagement, and probate fees. Darol has a robust background in radio, having hosted two different shows: Living Care Radio and the BoomX Show.

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